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Mar 15, 2011

2011 Guinness World Record Edition

61-year-old Turk Mehmet has an 8.8cm long nose, which is the longest nose in the world. He was named the man with longest nose by the Guinness World Records recently.

An American boy blew 23 balloons with nose in three minutes, claiming the world record in Italy.
A dog has collected 26,000 plastic bottles for its owner.

A cucumber in Britain was the world’s longest one in Sep. 18, 2008

Stephen Parkes from Nottingham, Britain has collected 1061 “Blue Wizard” puppets.

A man in Ontario, Canada dragged a 188.83-tonne CC-177 plane

A man in Bavaria, Germany can put 400 straws into his mouth for 10 seconds.

A dog from Australia burst 100 balloons in 44.49 seconds in a U.S. TV show, breaking the world record.

The gorilla is 51 years old now. Colo is the oldest gorilla living in cage. It is the first gorilla born in cage. It now lives in Powell, Ohio, U.S.

The tallest living horse is “Big Jake,” a 9-year-old Belgian hourse, in Poynette, Wisconsin, U.S. Without its horseshoes, the horse measures 210.19 cm tall.

a giant African black millipede measures 38.7 cm long, with a circumference of 6.7 cm. The average length of this millipede is 16 to 28 cm.

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