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Mar 16, 2011

10 Ways To Help Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Victims

The devastating time of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami is about to finish leaving people in misery and in mourning! It is not yet over, depending upon the Fukushima nuclear power plant! May God bless them
People of Japan need our help now, they have been of a great support when anywhere in the world people suffered, they were the first ones to give us shoulder in the form of donations . Now it is our turn as a human and as good nations to help those people in their survival and recovery. You don’t have to pack your bags and fly to Japan but you can do many other things to help out those people. Here we have top 10 ways to give a helping hand to Japan tsunami flood and earthquake victims!

You can now buy a Lady Gaga Earthquake Relief Bracelet which says “We Pray for Japan”. This rubber bracelet is of $5 and will be shipped out on 25th March. It is especially designed for Tsunami Relief Efforts for Japan and all the money will be donated for them.
You can send a text message to Red Cross by simply texting “REDCROSS” to 90999 and an amount of $10 will be donated to them.
You can send a text message for donation to the Salvation Army in Tokyo, which will provide food, water and other necessities to the people of Japan. You can donate $10 by simply texting “JAPAN” or QUAKE” to 80888 and your money will be donated.
You can choose any mobilized charities and donate anything. Google has given an organization list of Action against Hunger, American Jewish World Service, AmeriCares, Asia Foundation, Islamic Relief Worldwide and many more for donation to the people of Japan.
You can also donate by buying Zynga’s Virtual Goods on facebook. Buying digital goods in CityVille, Farmville or FrontierVille can be of a great help in donating money in the Pacific.
If you run a website then you can just embed a simple code to get a message at the top of your website as a donation bar.
You can donate via twitter by using some Hashtags like
You can also donate via iTunes; Apple has created a simple donation page in iTunes where you can donate from $5 to $200 to Red Cross with just a few clicks. You can Help Animals affected by the disaster, there is an organization called Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK), they accept volunteers or donations looking out for the animals.
You can donate your blood for the injured people who need blood in the devastated areas.
The children and young teenagers when work together they become highly resourceful. These are the people who make difference. You can gather your school and college fellows for the fund raising and volunteer support and that will really effect the whole situation.

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