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Jan 11, 2011


Top 5 Best Car Shows in Europe

For all you car lovers out there, we thought we would write about some of the biggest and best Car Shows here in the UK and in Europe.These Car Shows show off some of the most gorgeous cars, all in beautiful colours and gleaming like you would not believe. They show case Concept Cars, Cars that are about to be launched into production and some shows are just a collection of enthusiasts that gather together at a certain time of year to show off their pride and joy. Some of these shows are now huge and bring in massive crowds from all over the globe.So here are some of the Best shows we could find…

The first British Motor Show was held by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) at Crystal Palace, London in 1903. It has since moved home a few times, ending up at ExCeL at London’s Docklands in 2008.The Shows are held every 2 years, with the last Motor Show held in 2008, as the 2010 Show was cancelled due to the economic downturn.These Motor Shows attract all the big Motor Manufacturers, massive crowds, Celebrities and even Royalty.In the 2008 Show they even had music from Bands like A-HA, UB40, Roxy Music and Simply Minds, who performed some of their most popular songs.Some of the Shows Exhibitors

Frankfurt Motor Show Frankfurt, Germany

The Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, translated into English means, International Automobile Exhibition, but is more widely know as the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The IAA is organised by the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA)

The show has been going since 1897, was a little intermittent in the earlier years, but since 1991 it has been split into 2 shows. Hanover Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles, which is held on even-numbered years and Frankfurt Motor Show for Passenger Vehicles (including Motorcycles) which is held on the odd-numbered years.

They again showcase all the major Manufacturers, bringing amazing Concept cars to life, showing off Pre-launch cars and even Green or Electric or Hybrid cars too

The International Geneva Motor Show

Geneva, Switzerland

The Geneva Motor Show first started in 1905 and is now held in March every year, located just next to Geneva Cointrin International Airport.

Fantastic looking Supercars are normally the show stoppers at this event, but the do have loads of regular production cars on display here every year too. Any motor car is allowed to be on show as long as it has 3 or 4 wheels, which means that 3 wheeled motorcycles sometimes are also there. Electric and alternative cars also feature heavily at the show.

It also focuses on other areas of the Motor Industry as well, like bodywork, car design, repair and maintenance and even tuning.You can also purchase accessories and parts for you beloved car too.

European Motor Show – Brussels, Belgium

This is a huge show which attracts over 700,000 visitors over 10 days. It was first held in 1902 and showcases Light Commercial Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles and Motorcycles. They pitch this section of the show mainly to the general public, Scientists and Technicians of smaller Vehicles.

Auto spares, motor parts and services are also sold on site too.

The second part of the show is outside and displays Commercial, Heavy Utilities, Construction and Earthmoving Vehicles, this part of the show tends to be aimed at the Automobile Professionals, Technicians and Transport Operators

Japanese Auto Extravaganza

Wicksteed Park, UK

This is a more down to earth kind of Car show, set in the grounds of Wickstead Park. Advertised as the Ultimate Japanese Car Event, this originally started with the Datsun Z Club in 1991 holding meetings which soon turned into other clubs attending and now virtually every Japanese Car Manufacturer is represented there.This is one of the best evens for anyone interested in doing up, suping up or customising their Japanese Cars. This show is the single largest gathering of Japanese Cars in all of Europe.This event is popular with families, traders, enthusiasts and of course the boy racers, but it showcases everything from the 60’s and even earlier, Classic and Retro to the fully electronic Supercars. They also have stands which sell accessories, services and advise on tuning, bodykits and customising.

If you go to any of these Shows or even just look up on here, take a few minutes to look at the electric vehicles and the electric cars they have on their displays, as withe the fuel prices, taxes going up and of course the threat of running out of oil, these are going to be the future and of course they are supposed to help the environment. Which I am totally in favour of…Look out for my next Blog on the Ultimate Car Gifts for Mitsubishi.

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